Learn Brand Design, Video content creation & Facebook Marketing Webinar

Learn Brand Design, Video content creation & Facebook Marketing Webinar is suitable for everyone from Marketing Executives to Sales Persons, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Banking Professionals, Advertising Coordinators, HR Personnel’s, Software Developers, Web Marketers, Professionals in the Hotel and NGO industries and even to students and prospective candidates.

This workshop will give every participant an in-depth knowledge of how the mechanisms of Facebook can be used to successfully advertise and capture leads that can then be converted to loyal customers. Facebook is a critical tool in the present technically advanced world that if used correctly can convert a small scale business into a multi-million worth entrepreneurship.

Every photoshop , video editing and facebook marketing session is specifically designed to teach every participant the vital role Branding plays in their business. It is of utmost importance to build your “Brand Image” in such a manner that it is perceived “the way you want” in the minds of your target market. Brand knowledge is a key component in our sessions which will enable you to design your advertisements professionally. Advertisements in the form of brochures, e-flyers, Facebook marketing posts and etc. will need to be designed in accordance to your brand image. And we will help you decide how best it should be done! We will also guide you in designing your Brand Manual for your Organization / Business. Every Photoshop session that we conduct is carried out in such a manner that all participants are given individual attention and care. You will be tutored on how best it is to edit photos to be used in your advertising and other professional purposes. An attractive photo is a key component to attracting people’s attention. And we will teach you how to professionally take, create and edit pictures using one of the most trusted photo software Adobe Photoshop.

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About the Trainer
Juliana Jey Trainer Profile BSC (Hons ) IT , CIW, MCP

With more than 10 years of experience in Corporate Training, Juliana Jey has been instrumental not only in reshaping the mindsets of professionals to embrace technology based marketing but has also played a huge role in improving the overall IT related skills and knowledge of the employees. Clients (Employers) and Employees alike, have both been nothing short of praises for the excellent Photoshop with Facebook Marketing workshop conducted. Having conducted over 100 workshops, Juliana is a well reputed expert in Graphics and the Web Industry. Some of the most notable brands she has worked with include: Mas Holdings, Nokia, Dell, Panasonic, John Keels, Nolimit and etc.



Why you have to learn or train your staff to photoshop and facebook Marketing ?


Today’s organizations are functioning in a highly competitive and rapidly changing society. In order for your business organizations to attain competitive advantage over the others, it is vitally important to express yourself to the customer in a manner that the customer is persuaded or lured to purchase your products or service. Advertising is widely used to inform of the products and attract the customers and graphic designing plays a vital role in this process. That is why it is crucial to obtain the service of a highly creative designer who can exactly convey the message in an inviting manner.


Time consuming

Finding good outside designer who can deliver your ideas accurately and creatively in advertisements, leaflets, e-flyers, banners and facebook covering is a daunting task. Facebook Marketing is a emerging marketing method if you can do with your own or in-house its will be cost effective for your organization Time consuming It is time consuming and a hectic task to explain to an outsourced graphic designer about what exactly you want from the design. Sometimes the output may differ from what you expect. As outsourced graphic designers may not know much about the history or marketing strategies of the company, he may fail to attract customer via his design. Due to over-workload, the adverting company or the agency may not deliver your designs on time. That may also create uneasiness when advertising for short-lived campaigns or seasonal offerings.


Cost effective
If you can have in-house designers who have a thorough and in-depth idea of the product, you will immensely benefit from that and can evade many a complicated situation as mentioned above. Moreover, it is a cost- effective option as outsourced creative artworks are highly expensive.


Why learn photoshop with Facebook Marketing with us?

 We deliver customized and project- based Learning
Highly experienced lecturer

    Assistance rendered at any time even after the completion of the course

 Individual attention to students

 Interactive sessions

 Hundred percent hands- on practical training

 Free course material




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