Our Photoshop with Facebook marketing workshop has been instrumental in training the Professionals in Sri Lanka on how to create, edit and convey a message through photos to their target audience. And to also use Facebook to market their products and services successfully.

Benefits to Employers / Businesses

  • Cost reduction- By making use of our Corporate Training in Sri Lanka programs, many employers have been able to cut down on high costs that were incurred by previously having to hire freelance Graphic Designers. Such Designers not only charge high amounts but they also are unaware of your product and service and hence take time to give the final design.
  • Their limited knowledge of your products and or services increases the chances of the probability of mistakes. Some of these mistakes may not even be noticed by you until after the final print.
  • Hiring a dedicated person for advertising and social media marketing can be expensive and unnecessary, especially to small and medium scale business. Even some large scale businesses will not always need a dedicated employee only for such a purpose.
  • When your own employee can design the necessary advertisements, you don’t have to pay anything extra. It becomes a task in his job! You will be not only saving money but also valuable time.Your employees’ knowledge and expertise of the product or service you are offering will help in “projecting the right image to your target audience!”

Benefits to Employees’ / Professionals

  • Our Corporate Training is well recognized and extremely accepted, with certificates being provided at the end of the session. This will be a great recognition to add on to your personal resume.Being able to design your own ads and marketing campaigns will be much more hassle free and simple to execute. Rather than having to try and get a freelancer or someone else to understand and create what exactly is on your mind.As a working Professional, time will be one of your top priorities. But working with outsourced designers or agencies can be a burden on your schedule. You may not be able to make the time to visit and explain in detail your requirements. And if they delay the final design, you may be in trouble as well! So, the easiest solution is learn how to do it yourself, or train someone within your team!

Why choose us?
Web Alliance is an institute that is well recognized within the IT Industry and is comprised of a team of well-experienced and dedicated staff. Our corporate training programs have been specifically designed to ensure that you as an employee or a business enterprise will gain the maximum benefit!


The Lecturer / Trainer conducting the corporate training in Sri Lanka program is well experienced and has immense knowledge in the subject. And more importantly is very capable in imparting her knowledge to all the participants and hence ensuring that each and every participant has understood and is able to grasp the entire lesson completely!

Being in the Internet marketing and advertising industry has helped us not only gain knowledge on the subject matter but has also enabled us to stay up to date and evolve according to the fast changing environment of the technical world!


In short we are the best choice because:

  • Expert Lecturer with many years’ experience
  • After sessions help
  • Individual Attention
  • Course Material provided (free of charge)
  • Interactive sessions
  • Hands-on experience to every participant
  • No previous knowledge required on Photoshop

All our corporate training sessions has acclaimed much praise by participants and employers alike, because of the interactive lessons that has provided each and every individual with the best experience!
The post training results have been so beneficial, that every company that participated has always been positive with the feedback!


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